An iOS app designed to simplify and enhance the process of collecting and managing stamp cards.

About Hoot

Hoot is a Vancouver-based startup that is digitizing the stamp card experience. The digital wallet promotes reward collection, loyalty to local businesses, and exploring deals. It also offers businesses insights into the performance of their reward programs.

My Role

I was the main UX designer on this project working with the two co-founders. One of them was a marketing specialist and the other an iOS developer, so we worked together to create a strong MVP that we could test-drive with a few small businesses in the Vancouver area.

key features

Customer Interface

The customer interface focuses on collecting stamps, redeeming awards, and exploring loyalty programs.

The main experience is all about the stamp card. It was designed around three pillars: easy access, easy understanding, and easy scanning. This makes it simple for users to redeem rewards without any hassle.

customer experience

The stamp card experience

These four screens are going to be the most used aspects of the customer experience. The stamp card has all of the high level information that is needed for a user when they are in line for their purchase (QR code, stamps used, redeemable products)

Key features

Exployee Interface

The employee side of the app is much more simple. Their main experience is around scanning the customer’s QR code. This is why the scan page is raised and highlighted in the navigation.

We added a dashboard for management to see the number of stamps given and rewards redeemed. Other stamp card programs lack this data access, making Hoot's business model unique.


Stamp cards come in all sorts of colours!

To keep their brand identity, businesses using Hoot can pick from various colors for their stamp cards. With their logo at the top, clients can smoothly blend their brand with the Hoot app in a stylish manner.


Stamps for all kinds of businesses

Hoot lets clients choose from various icons to display inside their stamps, catering to different businesses offering loyalty rewards.


Competitive Analysis

A look at Hoot competitors showed that there are many attempts at a digital stamp card in the market, but a lot of the implementation was difficult to use and poorly designed. We felt like it was easy to design an experience that would stand out from its competition and be more seamless for users.


Experience Map

This experience map follows someone from the very first moment they hear about Hoot to being a regular user of the app. One of the key decisions we made from this process was that we wanted to design an experience where a user can start collecting stamps without having to create an account right away. Since becoming a Hoot user will most probably happen in line for the purchase, that user is more likely to commit to the process if they don’t have to make an account right away.



The word ‘Hoot’ itself inspired a lot of the branding decisions. We wanted the brand to be a celebration - something fun, playful, and colourful. Since the main benefit of this app for users is redeeming free awards, we wanted to center the experience around the thrill of getting a prize. Aside from choosing vibrant colors throughout the app, we also opted for a fun serif font that brought more personality to titles and headings.

Source Serif Pro

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff


Landing Page

We created a landing page to convince businesses to join Hoot and shift their reward programs to a digital. Emphasizing the advantage of having data on the performance of their reward programs, we believe this sets Hoot apart from their current approach.